Evénements de mai 2012 :

«mai 2012»

Du 2 au 4 mai 2012
Leipzig (DE)

The International Transport Forum’s 2012 Summit

Seamless Transport - Making Connections
The Annual Summit of the International Transport Forum is the leading global platform for debate on the future of transport.
The International Transport Forum’s 2012 Summit on "Seamless Transport : Making Connections" will consider all aspects of connectivity in transport : How can we improve the way people and goods move, globally and within our communities ?
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Du 3 au 4 mai 2012

COGEN Europe Annual Conference & Dinner 2012

COGEN Europe is pleased to announce its upcoming Annual Conference & Dinner 2012.
The Conference (3-4 May) is the biggest annual gathering of cogeneration stakeholders in Europe and the dinner (evening of 3 May) is an opportunity for policy, business and research experts to meet and exchange views.
The Conference agenda will address the following topics :
- Role of cogeneration in sustainable economies
- Realising the potential of cogeneration
- Innovation and driving change in cogeneration
- Market and technology update
The draft programme and the possibility to register (conference and/or dinner) will be available soon at this adress.

Du 7 au 9 mai 2012
Ancona (IT)

7th International Conference on Urban Regeneration and Sustainability

This conference aims to address the many inter-related aspects of the urban environment from transport and mobility to social exclusion and crime prevention.
The meeting will build on the contributions made in previous conferences, which successfully managed to provide an international view of the problems facing modern cities and their solutions.
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Du 9 au 11 mai 2012
Guimaraes, Portugal

Energy Cities Annual Rendezvous in Guimaraes - Mind-boggling ideas for a new energy culture

Europe is undergoing a major economic and socio-political crisis. What if, instead of just being shocked and passive, we were to come up with new ambitions and new ways of thinking – above all, in the energy field ? The more we base our activities on local assets, the more cities and regions will benefit in terms of job creation, financial savings, a stronger autonomy, citizen empowerment and a higher quality of life for all.
The 2012 Annual Rendezvous will demonstrate how local authorities can steer a new energy culture and make territories grow from the inside.
The 2012 European Culture Capital, Guimarães (Portugal), is the ideal place for meeting other “changemakers” as well as presenting, discussing and adopting mind-boggling ideas for innovative energy practices in cities.

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Du 9 au 15 mai 2012
Partout en France

Journées Européennes du Solaire

Pour leur 5ème édition en France, les Journées Européennes du Solaire 2012 se déroulent sur 7 jours et visent plus de 1.500 initiatives locales et 25.000 visiteurs.
La campagne des Journées Européennes du Solaire 2012 est ouverte à tous, et Enerplan invite tous les acteurs publics et privés à se mobiliser pour organiser des manifestations : les installateurs et les industriels du solaire, les Espaces Info Energie (EIE), mais aussi les collectivités, les écoles, les associations…
Pour plus d’information sur les Journées Européennes du Solaire : www.journees-du-solaire.fr

Du 23 au 26 mai 2012
St. Gallen (CH)

International Annual Conference and General Assembly of Climate Alliance

Beyond growth – Steps towards a 2000 Watt society
Climate change and scarce resources are the result of our development model, which is based on continual growth, and material and monetary wealth.
Thus we live at the expense of the development opportunities of others – those in other parts of the world and future generations. It is not without reason that Climate Alliance’s number one aim on the road to CO2 reduction is "to conserve energy".
Programme in english and in french.
All information here

Du 29 mai 2012 au 5 juin 2012
Dans toute la France

Une planète, une civilisation

A quelques jours de RIO+20, conférence mondiale des Nations Unies sur le développement durable (20-22 juin 2012), participez à la tournée nationale du film de GAEL DERIVE « UNE PLANETE. UNE CIVILISATION. ». Une tournée qui sera ponctuée par deux soirées exceptionnelles : le 5 JUIN (à l’occasion de la journée mondiale de l’Environnement) et le 20 JUIN (à l’occasion du Sommet de la Terre, RIO+20).

Plus de détails sur la tournée et les soirées "débat"

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Covenant of Mayors webinar - Monitoring SEAP implementation
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Biogas and blue growth innovation in Skåne
Du 21 au 22 avril

Annual Conference of Energy Cities
Du 22 au 24 avril

Euroheat & Power Congress
Du 27 au 28 avril

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