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Using insurance data to improve resilience to climate change

The city of Barcelona partnered with Cetaqua (Water Technology Centre) and 15 other institutions in the RESCCUE project to use insurance data in the development […]

Dublin, think energy

Think Energy encourages energy efficiency by working on two linked fronts: To provide information so people can make in-telligent choices about energy use, and to […]

From spinning yarn to carbon budgeting
Manchester - United Kingdom

From spinning yarn to carbon budgeting

Manchester Climate Change Strategy 2017-2050 : How a centre of the industrial revolution becomes a centre of the energy revolution:

The city of Manchester played a key role in the industrial revolution in the 19th century. As a former textile capital, the city has a […]

Engaging citizens for energy-efficiency
Ivanic Grad - Croatia

Engaging citizens for energy-efficiency

Despite its small size the municipality has been a regional pioneer in promoting sustainable energy and engaging citizens in energy – saving actions Website Engaging […]

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