Bo Frank

President of the Council - Växjö, Sweden

Bo Frank has been one of the key figures of Växjö’s outstanding and long-lasting efforts in making decentralised and inclusive energy policies a standard in Europe. Deputy Mayor of this Swedish city, he is a passionate driver and promoter of Växjö’s longstanding fossil-fuel free strategy. Bo is the city’s Lord Mayor since 2017.

Bo’s environmental commitment isn’t limited to the city hall; he is also a Board member of local environmental organizations and member of the Regional Parliament. At national level, he sits on the Board of the Swedish Climate Alliance and is a member of the Fossil-free Sweden initiative set up by the national government. Bo’s political career shows a diverse set of elements. As such, he is member of the Moderate (cons – lib) Party since 1969 and Member of City Council since 1974 and a full time politician. Mayor or Vice Mayor between 1991 and 2016. Bo holds different degrees from the Linnaeus University and the University of Lund.

Bo Frank is also active in a number of very diverse Regional and National networks and councils. Bo is as much committed to his political values as he is to his favorite music group: he is an active member of Växjö’s Beatles Fan Club since 1970!

The key difference between Scandinavian countries and other European countries lies in the decentralisation. This gives us a lot of power and freedom at the local level. We are free to take our own regulations of our traffic, building standards, and energy consumption. Thus, we have a toolbox at the local level to make a change. In Växjö, we have all the tools we need.

Bo Frank



Vice President

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“The best thing for EU countries to do is to increase the CO2 tax.”

Bo Frank, Lord Mayor of Växjö

His city’s name is unpronounceable, but “Väk-tchö” resonates whenever local fossil-free strategies are being discussed. Bo Frank, its Lord Mayor, is proud of “the world’s greenest city” and explains how their got their and what more still needs to be done.

“Ce que les pays membres de l’UE ont de mieux à faire, c’est d’augmenter la taxe carbone.”

Bo Frank, président du conseil municipal de Växjö

Il n’est pas seulement un grand fan des Beatles. C’est également un ardent promoteur d’instruments politiques plus efficaces en matière de lutte contre le changement climatique. Bo Frank est fier de la « ville la plus écologique du monde ». Il nous explique comment ils en sont arrivés là et quels sont leurs projets pour l’avenir.