Mustafa İduğ

Mayor - Bornova, Turkey

The Municipality of Bornova (400.000 inhabitants) in Turkey is one of the most southernly members of Energy Cities. As a member of the Board of Directors, Mayor Mustafa İduğ brings the perspective of an important EU neighbor into the network.

Mr. Mustafa İduğ desires to gradually improve relationships with peer cities and bilateral cooperation in all economic, social and cultural terms. Sustainability is the cross-cutting issue that guides this mission.

Dr. Mustafa İduğ was born in Bornova in 1962. Since 1980, in addition to his business activities, he has taken several duties at civil society organizations, public organizations sports and training institutions in order to contribute to the quality of life in his hometown Bornova.

He completed his MBA and PhD degree at Yasar University. Mr İduğ also has counts several academic publications in the field of management and organization, edited in the framework of his studies on institutionalization of family-oriented companies. Mr. Dr. İduğ fluently speaks German, English (academic level) and Greek. He is married and has two children.