Olga Veidina

Deputy Mayor - Riga, Latvia

Olga Veidina, the Deputy Mayor of the Latvian capital, regularly provides our Board of Directors with the voice of the Baltic States.

Not only does Olga represent Riga for energy related issues at Energy Cities – she is also political coordinator of energy matters and supervises the board for sustainable energy action plan implementation. One of the city’s major goals is to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy as well as to reduce energy consumption in the housing sector. For that purpose, the municipality has created a revolving fund linked to a soft loan scheme.

Olga holds a Master’s degree in business and administration and has a background in Economics and Trade. Since 2007 and until 2020, she is the chairman of Riga’s Committee for Social Affairs.

Riga is also part of the Union of Baltic Cities, a collective member of Energy Cities.