Cadiz is a member of Energy Cities since 2019


117 000 Inhabitants


Spain getting on the right track, but missing speed

What to expect from Spain's climate emergency declaration

After almost one full year with a functioning government and two general elections, Spanish leaders are trying to make up for lost time. They have taken two important steps which Fundación Renovables has been fighting for.

Cadiz joins Energy Cities’ community!

Fair energy and climate actions in the focus

The city of Cadiz in the very South of Spain joins Energy Cities network in October. This vibrant city of 117.000 inhabitants has made significant […]

To reach the unusual suspects we have to design different ways of participation.

Alba del Campo, advisor to the City of Cadiz

In Cadiz, a new local government was elected in 2015 and re-elected in 2019. Since then, the city opened the energy politics to its citizens. This was a first radical step. And there are many more to come. Alba explains why and how they managed to make affordable and sustainable energy such a key topic.