CEDEF – Central European Development Forum

Central European Development Forum – CEDEF is the leading regional independent expert organization, which advocates active implementation of energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy sources (RES) and environmental protection in Serbia and the region.

CEDEF’s mission is to “influence economic policy makers in the field of sustainable regional development and cooperation by linking regions in the EU with regions and outside the EU.“

CEDEF is the founder of MEMS, Network Energy Managers Serbia, which is the leading network of experts in the field of EE and RES and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Agency for Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia on June 5th 2014, on “World Environment Day”. 

For its contribution in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and ecology, as well as for the projects in a domain of international cooperation, CEDEF was twice awarded with the “Captain Misa Anastasijevic” award in 2013. They also received a special Award from the Energy Efficiency Agency of the Republic of Serbia, on March 5th 2012, World Day of Energy Efficiency, for a significant contribution to the mission of improving the awareness of energy efficiency in Serbia.


CEDEF – Central European Development Forum is a member of Energy Cities since 2019