City of Kočevje

The city of Kočevje is the economic, tourist, cultural and educational center of Kočevje. Our vision is to make this also at the level of the region. In 2018 the Municipality of Kočevje received the Golden Stone Prize, award for the most progressive municipality of the year.

The municipality of Kočevje is the largest municipality in the Republic of Slovenia, it occupies an area of ​​555.4 km2, and counts up to 86 settlements with about 17.000 inhabitants. The size of the municipality also includes restrictions: maintenance of a demanding infrastructure network due to dispersed settlement and inherited distance from the capital city of Ljubljana, which is also reflected in the emigration of young people and the major efforts in attracting new investments.

Kočevsko is one of the most naturally preserved regions of Slovenia and Central Europe. As many as 90% of the province is covered by forests, dominated by dinar forests of fir and beech. We are particularly proud of the six preserved virgin remains, among which the Krokar primeval forest in 2017 was also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Kočevsko is marked by a special history. For nearly 600 years, the Germans from Gottscheer lived here, who represented a cultural and linguistic island in the middle of Slovenian territory. Memories are still living today, most of which are stored in the Provincial Museum. It is home to the former Sokolsky, today the Šešek home, where a gathering of delegates from the Slovene nation was held in 1943. Kočevsko was marked by post-war events, including sloths in Kočevski Rog in 1945, the creation of an extensive protected area with special significance and underground facilities, which can be seen today. We are extremely proud of the role of Kočevski in the war for independence and independent Slovenia, since it was precisely with us that the Maneuver Structure of National Protection was founded, without which it would not be possible to defend the independence of Slovenia.


Our main task is to provide conditions for the quality of life of individuals and groups. This is accomplished by investing in the environment and sustainable development, promoting the creative environment and creating conditions for the development of the economy, and thus creating new jobs with higher added value. Every day we make our motto: in the service of citizens ! 


Kočevje and Kočevski will return to what they once have been – an important regional center in the field of culture, education, tourism and economy in southern Slovenia.

Source : Kočevje official website


City of Kočevje is a member of Energy Cities since 1998


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