City of Salé

Salé is located in north-western Morocco.

The winds of change are blowing strongly through Salé, with a development boom and population explosion well and truly under way. Now considerably larger than its neighbour (Rabat) on the opposite bank of the Oued Bou Regreg, it is now functioning as an integrated part of the capital rather than the staid satellite town it once was. Assisted by an efficient modern tram link and the newly constructed marina just south of the medina, it is attracting industry, commerce and tourism, and looks set to prosper.

In 2009, Morocco adopted a national energy strategy in order to improve security of energy supply and availability/affordability, while also addressing environmental and safety concerns. The strategy seeks to reach these goals by diversifying energy sources, optimizing the electricity mix, increasing local production particularly from renewable sources, promoting energy efficiency, and advancing regional integration. The strategy is to be implemented though energy sector reforms, including particularly legislative changes, increased transparency and competition, as well as capacity building.

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City of Salé is a member of Energy Cities since 2013


840 000 Inhabitants