SIEL – Territoire d’énergie Loire

The SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire is a public institution based on cooperation between municipal authorities. All 323 municipal councils in Loire along with intermunicipal associations and the departmental council have joined forces in this municipal joint venture. Created in 1950, the SIEL-Territoire d’énergie Loire has worked to achieve electrification throughout its territory, particularly in rural areas.

It owns the electricity and gas distribution networks within its area of responsibility and monitors the activities of the distribution operators Enedis and GRDF. It also carries out network expansion, strengthening and concealment work.

A major player in the local energy transition, the SIEL supports local authorities in the energy optimisation of their public buildings. It develops renewable energy by acting as the contracting authority for photovoltaic solar generators and wood energy heating networks. It also has expertise in regulation and control solutions for energy systems.

The pooling of resources and intermunicipal cooperation are at the heart of the activities of the SIEL. This enables it to support projects for all of its member local authorities, adjusting its assistance to suit their resources. Its team of 125 agents provides valuable support to local authorities on technical matters.

As the manager of 80,000 public lighting units, the intermunicipal energy board is committed to delivering energy efficiency without sacrificing the environmental quality of its equipment.

Finally, the SIEL – Loire Energy Region is in the process of setting up THD42, a very-high-speed departmental network. This public fibre optic network, unique in France, will reach 172,000 households and businesses by the end of 2020.

The SIEL is currently developing intelligent and connected solutions for managing energy networks and systems.


SIEL – Territoire d’énergie Loire is a member of Energy Cities since 2019