Urban community of Grand Châtellerault

The Territorial Air Energy Climate Plan 2018-2024

An essential reference document

The 2018-2024 Territorial Air Energy Climate Plan (PCAET) represents a new level in the implementation of Grand Châtellerault’s territorial strategy. Through its PCAET, Grand Châtellerault outlines the orientations of the climate energy policy that will be implemented by 2024 on its territory. This document is composed of several elements:

  • strategic orientations, a document to which are attached the energy profile of the territory and the diagnosis on air quality
  • the action plan, with the corresponding action sheets
  • the contributions of civil society : image of networks active in different fields and production of the Esprit Kolibri association

Renewal of the Cit’ergie label

Maintaining the course for the next 4 years

The Cit’ergie National Commission renewed the Agglo label and the City of Châtellerault on 24 June 2016. This renewal is a real recognition of the public policy conducted on our territory in the field of energy. It confirms the place of the Agglo and the city of Châtellerault among the hundred or so local authorities in France that have adopted Cit’ergie. It is on the very demanding frame of reference that they rely on to build their public policy in the field of energy.

This methodological support has already borne concrete fruit in the region:

  • control of energy demand in public buildings
  • energy performance of new buildings
  • production of solar energy on the territory, in particular photovoltaic

Source: https://www.grand-chatellerault.fr/projets/le-plan-climat


Urban community of Grand Châtellerault is a member of Energy Cities since 2014


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