Energy Cities’ 2022 Forum: Let’s Keep Our Links!

Brussels, Belgium - 21-22 April 2022


Energy Cities staff involved
Nathalie Moroge
Nathalie Moroge
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Energy Cities

Keynote speakers

François Gemenne

Hugo Observatory Director, lead author for the IPCC and Professor of Environmental Geopolitics at Sciences Po Paris and Free University of Brussels (ULB)

Barbara Trachte

Secretary of State for the Brussels Capital Region in charge of Economic transition and Scientific research.

Mathieu Saujot

Senior Research Fellow, Lifestyles in transition at IDDRI

Yamina Saheb

Senior Energy Policy Analyst at OpenExp, lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and IPCC AR 6 Lead Author of the Building Chapter

Marcos Ros Sempere

Member of the European Parliament, Chair of the New European Bauhaus friendship group, Member of the Committee for regional development and Member of the Committee for Culture and Education

Stéphanie Bouckaert

IEA , Head of demand side Unit, 2050 Net zero scenario

Pascal Smet

State Secretary for Urbanism and EU/international affairs from the Brussels Region.