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“Energy transition” vs “Energiewende”

A meeting of French and German local authorities - 2013

More than fifty years ago, the Elysée Treaty laid the foundations for a unique cooperation between France and Germany. In the field of energy, the two countries have chosen different paths: Germany has decided on its Energiewende while France has wanted a public debate before proposing an energy transition law.
It is in this context that a meeting of French and German cities was organised on the theme of the energy transition.

ENGAGE Campaign guidebook for cities

Involve local actors ... and achieve your energy & climate objectives - 2013

ENGAGE is all about encouraging individuals to play their part. Through a combination of tips, tools and tactics, as well as success stories from our 12 pioneer cities across Europe, this guidebook will show you how to get citizens and stakeholders excited and involved about their local sustainable energy future.

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