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30 Energy Cities’ proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns

Practical proposals to accelerate the energy transition - 2014

In 2012, Energy Cities initiated a collective process aimed at making proposals to accelerate the energy transition of European territories. The 30 Proposals in your hands are the result of part of this collective work.
What makes these Proposals new? These Proposals are based on the observation and analysis of hundreds of practical examples, all stemming from existing practices. Our intention is to make these practices “talk”, to convey their meaning and to show the path they are pointing at, sometimes without us being aware of it.

“Energy transition” vs “Energiewende”

A meeting of French and German local authorities - 2013

More than fifty years ago, the Elysée Treaty laid the foundations for a unique cooperation between France and Germany. In the field of energy, the two countries have chosen different paths: Germany has decided on its Energiewende while France has wanted a public debate before proposing an energy transition law.
It is in this context that a meeting of French and German cities was organised on the theme of the energy transition.

ENGAGE Campaign guidebook for cities

Involve local actors ... and achieve your energy & climate objectives - 2013

ENGAGE is all about encouraging individuals to play their part. Through a combination of tips, tools and tactics, as well as success stories from our 12 pioneer cities across Europe, this guidebook will show you how to get citizens and stakeholders excited and involved about their local sustainable energy future.


Internal performance contracting - 2013

This financing scheme « Intracting » makes it possible to implement cost-effective energy saving measures regardless of the municipality’s budget ary constraints, therefore contributing to improving the municipality’s financial situation.

Networking the Covenant of Mayors

Guidebook to accelerate the implementation of the Covenant of Mayors via national clubs - 2013

The political impact of the Covenant of Mayors in the municipality remains the uncontested positive aspect. The Covenant objectives provide a clear goal for local energy and climate policy and help to create awareness on the importance of integrated energy strategies and climate change mitigation.
Municipal actors can refer to the commitments made in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors to push certain actions forward and to not lose track.

Structural Funds for Sustainable energy

Learn about 10 successful sustainable energy projects co-financed through Structural Funds - 2011

SF Energy Invest is a European project supported by “Intelligent Energy” that aims to trigger investments in sustainable energy by using the Structural and Cohesion Funds (SF) of the European Union.
This brochure presents good practice examples of sustainable energy projects, implemented with the help of European Structural and Funds in ten different regions and cities in Europe.


Communicate your buildings' energy rating - 2011

The Display Campaign is the first and most widespread European Campaign to encourage municipalities to publicly display environmental performances of their municipal buildings. More than 13,000 buildings are labelled with the Display poster showing their energy and water performances as well as green house gas emissions.

Low Energy Cities

A high quality of life for all - 2010

The “factor 4” by 2050 city will of course be quite different from the city as we know it today, not necessarily in terms of its physical aspect –
because of the inertia of property and street networks – but more in the way people live and use the city.

Governance and Vision

Visions of cities towards a low-energy future - 2010

Imagine, life is great! We have created resilient cities independent of fossil fuel that are vibrant, prosperous places to live, work and grow. Everyday people walk or bike safely to their jobs and have access within walking distance to all their daily needs because we have built human-scale neighbourhoods.

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