Célia Blauel

Deputy Mayor - Paris, France

The French capital and host city of the 2015 UN climate summit is represented on the Energy Cities Board of Directors by Célia Blauel.

Since 2014, Célia is Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of environment, sustainable development, the city’s climate and energy plan, as well as water and canals management. Within this function, Célia has contributed to the adoption and implementation of several strategic plans, including the climate adaptation strategy. She also committed to the revision of the Territorial Energy and Climate Plan, outlining the city´s actions for fighting global warming. In addition to these responsibilities, Célia dedicates much of her time to water; she is President of the municipal water utility “Eau de Paris” and of the European association Aqua Publica Europea. In 2016 she also became Vice-President of the non-profit French Water Partnership. Celia had previously been councillor of the 14th arrondissement of Paris, in charge – amongst others- of green spaces.

After graduating from the Strasbourg Institute of Political Studies in 2003, Célia became an active member of the Greens. Concerned about gender equality issues, Célia is firmly committed to strengthening women’s leadership in politics and business.

In energy and climate matters we are all concerned. But for radical change to happen, all the political planets must be aligned.

Célia Blauel



Vice President