Energy Cities Membership Toolbox



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Tackle the ongoing
energy crisis with the
support of a network of
and a committed

Get access to funding
opportunities to
accelerate your city’s
transition away from
fossil fuels.

Contribute to designing
and implementing EU
to meet local

Make your voice heard
at EU level to drive
the systemic changes
we need for more
sustainable cities.

Membership FAQ

Who can join?

Energy Cities has a diverse membership and every city is following its own transition journey.
You can become a member if you are:
– A local or regional government
– An inter-municipal structure or a group of municipalities
– A local energy management agency
– A municipal company
– A regional or national association of municipalities.


Our annual fees are adapted to the specific context of our members. It depends on the number of inhabitants.

Annual fees (in Euros):

PopulationFees*Special fees**
Less than 100,0001,250€625€
100,000 to 300,0002,500€1,250€
300,000 to 500,0003,750€1,875€
More than 500,0005,000€2,500€
Associations of local authorities2,500€1,250€

* Countries inside the EU+Great Britain+Switzerland+Norway
**Countries outside the EU

Steps to join

  1. Present the membership pack to your Mayor
  2. Get approval from your Town or City Council
  3. Send us the signed adhesion forms together with a resolution of your Town or City Council
  4. Start enjoying the various benefits of the network
  5. We will welcome you as a full member by sending you the welcome pack
  6. Your dedicated contact at Energy Cities will be in touch to set up your introduction meeting so that you get maximum value from your membership.

To find member cities in your country, please go to our MEMBERS section.