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You're as much as us keen on transforming society towards a more sustainable model? Want to help us support cities in their endeavor for a better, more locally-sourced energy system? Join our team! Check out this page regularly to learn about job and traineeship opportunities at Energy Cities.

Permanent positions

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Talent Development Manager

Location:Energy Cities Brussels (Belgium) Office or Besançon (France) office
Published: 21st of April 2020
Deadline for applications: 25th of May 2020
Starting date: 1st September 2020 (or earlier if available)
Duration: one day a week / 1-year contract (with the possibility to extend)  free-lance contract based on mission is also an option.
We are also open to revise the number of days needed in the inception phase to develop HR processes.

Job offer

We are looking for a talent developer who will:

  • Develop and implement a Talent development policy, in line with the overall organisation strategy and including a motivational framework
  • facilitate the social dialogue by preparing the CSE (Conseil social et économique, French regulation) and implementing decisions the CSE (French legal obligation)
  • Organise and follow-up each employee’s training plan as well as collective trainings
  • Support the recruiting, screening and interviewing processes
  • Develop conflict resolution’s processes and policy to ensure safe-space for all to express and work; develop redundancy policy
  • Monitor legal changes (information watch) and optimise our social advantages package, accordingly adapt our processes
  • Carry out administrative and financial follow-up of all HR requests
    • Changes in work contracts (part-time, parental leave, etc.), establish new contracts, 
    • Establishing payroll
  • Establish trustful relations and communication channels with external mission’s providers (if any) who are delivering part of our activities (long-term providers)
  • Follow-up and coordinate our annual Peer to Peer evaluation process
  • Look for constant improvement of our HR processes (salary grid, social advantages)

What should your background be?

  • Master level studies e.g. in Human resources management, labour law ,
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience,
  • Proven team management experience including a wide diversity of nationalities,
  • Proven knowledge of Belgium and French labour laws is an asset.

What skills should you have?

  • Special interest to work on horizontal organisation and innovative management processes,
  • Proficient user level in English and French,
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills as well as facilitation and training skills,
  • Excellent organizational skills,
  • Ability to work in an international and intercultural team and environment,
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and a proactive approach to daily tasks.


  • The contract will be made under the French or Belgian law,
  • We estimate our needs to the equivalent of 1 day a week, but we are happy to discuss it, and to consider the best time allocation for it. Initial contract of 1 year with a possibility to be extended,
  • Location: to be determined, can also be from home,
  • Availability to travel in Europe in particular (at least for team meetings in France or Belgium),
  • Salary conditions: depending on your experience and according to Energy Cities’ salary grid,
  • Holidays per year: equivalent to 46,5 days for equivalent for a full time position,
  • Other social advantages: Attractive health insurance, attractive disability/death insurance (“Group insurance”).

Do you want to join us?

  • Applicants must have the legal right to work and live in Belgium or in France;
  • To apply, please send a motivation letter AND your CV through the form below.
  • Closing date for applications: 25th of May 2019;
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and interviewed (online interviews with successful candidates can be expected in early September).

About Energy Cities

Energy Cities is a community of 1,000 local governments located in 30 countries. We trigger a trustful dialogue between city leaders and EU & national institutions to accelerate the energy transition in Europe.

Our mission

Energy Cities raise their voice. Through persistent advocacy work in Brussels and in the EU Member States, we have been transforming the European governance and legal frameworks so that we can fully play our role in the energy transition. Our events provide creative spaces for our community to connect and share experiences. We develop, test and apply new solutions in projects. They serve as tools and methods for others to get inspiration from. The stories we share demonstrate the many benefits of a participatory energy transition to national and European decision-makers.

Governance and funding

Energy Cities is a non-profit city network. We operate with a near 100% public funding which allows us to demonstrate integrity towards our member cities and keep intellectual independence in our work. We embrace transparency in all our activities, including our funding sources.

Working method

Energy Cities’ internal organisation is ruled by the Holacracy methodology. We share responsibilities; we have no “positions” but we fulfil “roles” instead. These roles may change, and each team member has the opportunity to get involved in different projects and tasks. Energy Cities counts 25 employees, based in Besançon (Energy Cities’ headquarters with 13 employees), in Brussels (9 employees) and in 100% home teleworking for 3 colleagues. Therefore, we are not looking for a traditional human resources manager but for a talent developer.

Holacracy in Energy Cities in a nutshell

Short story

First thinking around horizontal share of responsibilities started back in 2009, was put in motion after a team seminar in 2012. First circles definition and beginning of using the methodology slowly implemented, step by step between 2012 till 2015. The constitution of Energy Cities has been evolving as the organisation was growing, with creation or deletion of circles, constant redefinition of each circles role. The current organisation’s chart, with 5circles is from beginning of 2019.

The concept

In Holacracy, people, circles are autonomous. The decision is taken by the person or the circle that is “energetising” a role. Team members have no function or title, they are fulfilling a role, defined in the “constitution”. They can change roles, “energetise” more than one, share it. The coordination of each circle is done by the lead-link nominated by the super-circle lead. The lead-link represents the super-circle’s needs in the circle.  A lead-link holds the perspective and functions needed to align the circle with the purpose, strategy and needs of its broader context. Each circle elect a “representation link”. The “Rep-link” represents the circle interest in the Super circle. The Rep-link helps make the super-circle a healthy environment for the circle by carrying key perspectives of the circle to the super circle. The coordination between the circles is done via the “Super Circle”. The links are like channels of resources and information between membranes.

In Energy Cities: 4 circles

ECOSYSTEM CIRCLE: is our “antennas”, like on octopus ensuring we are well connected via different arms to our environment: our members, our board, our partners and the society as a whole. It identifies new trends and translates them into possible development paths (projects idea, campaigns…) for our organisation. It is constituted by sub-circles: prospection (crazy hub, partnership, project lab), Board-GA, Members, National strategy, and our annual conference.

MANAGEMENT AND SUPPORT CIRCLE: provides administrative support to projects, is responsible for logistics and quality control, ensures the administrative follow-up of human resources and the financial management of the organisation and the organisation of events.

RELATION CIRCLE: Improves Energy Cities’ recognition and attractiveness so as to reinforce the network’s political impact. It is composed of sub-circles on policy and lobbying, and corporate communication.

ACTION CIRCLE: is implementing projects and capitalising on project results.

How it works concretely

Each circles meets in three types of meetings. The operational meetings are held twice a month, or once a week. They aim at solving gaps between what the circle’s roles are and its capacity to deliver on a daily basis. The governance meetings aim at solving recurrent issues and at adapting the constitution (changes in the roles’s definition, new roles, new circles). The Strategic meetings aim to define the strategy of the circle and on what it needs to work in priority in order to fulfil its mission.

Each member of the team is invited to prepare the meetings by expressing the needs and the solution proposed which will then be discussed in rounds (clarification, reaction, objection). At each round, each member is invited to expressed its view on the proposed solution, but never to react to other’s reactions. The holder of the tension remains the “master” of the solution to it.


We don’t have any internship opportunity available for the moment. Don’t hesitate to send us your spontaneous application if you wish.
Thank you for your interest.

Holacracy in our team

This is a radically new mode of organisation and governance based on collective intelligence. The power is distributed between autonomous but closely cooperating
teams (‘circles’). There is not one big boss but each of us is a leader in our own right.

Energy Cities staff members

Charles-Henri Bernardot

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