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Energy Cities network reinvents itself through the Hubs, a topic oriented approach to our members needs.

The Hubs are our community spaces to activateempower and inspire local leaders towards a climate-neutral Europe! 

In an effort to constantly improve our work, we offer our members the possibility to join and contribute to 5 thematic Hubs and to become part of our learning community of local practitioners with different backgrounds, all sharing the same vision: reaching climate neutrality by 2050! 

Embark on this adventure with us and join one or more Hubs!!

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    Future-proof local governance Hub

    Setting up long-term local partnerships & trying out new participatory processes to transform local ecosystems.

    Fossil-free districts and buildings Hub

    Ensuring our energy system’s stability through diversified local renewable energy sources, strong energy public services & improved energy efficiency & sufficiency.

    Community-led energy for massive renewable production Hub

    Providing cities with tools to increase their locally-owned renewable energy production.

    Future-proof food systems and land policies Hub

    Exploring ways & strategies to boost the transition towards sustainable & resilient food systems.

    Resource-wise & socially just local economies Hub

    Rethinking social & economic models based on local resources regeneration, ensuring societal solidarity & equity.


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