Principles for action

in our work with members and partners

Size does not matter… // There are no such things as “small” changes: there are only changes. There is no such thing as a “small” town, there are only places. For Energy Cities, capital cities have no greater say in the debates than towns and villages.

…What matters is the links // We believe that the current crisis will only be solved by linking people, places, sectors… As a network, our raison d’être is to create connections.

Empower and entrust // We do not tell cities what to do. We offer tools and resources for them to deliver their desired strategy. We provide them accurate information and give them keys to understand the systems so that they can make their own, informed choices. We believe that there are no such things as “best practices”, each city follows its own learning path.

We are cities’ megaphone // We convey their demands to the EU and national institutions. We speak for them when they entitle us to do so, but never in their place. We don’t give them ready-to-use answers, we help them ask themselves the relevant questions and to find their tailored and bespoke solutions.

We believe in cooperation // What we produce is open access: the best thing that can happen to a great idea or product is to be adopted by many. The more accessible resources and tools are, the faster we will achieve the necessary changes.