Beatrice Karas

Information & Communications

Béatrice speaks English, French

Béatrice joined Energy team in 1997!

She looks for best practices over european countries on different topics that are becoming increasingly varied over the years.
Béatrice searches the web every day, looking for the latest local initiatives that are leading our world towards a successful energy transition.

What can she do for you?
-> Answer your requests for information about European cities and their actions in areas such as energy efficiency, governance, mobility, renewable energy, financing, district heating, the smart city, climate action; resilience, food systems, etc;
-> Promote your initiatives, actions or projects on our website;
-> Send you the latest issues of our publications.

Since 2014, she has been involved in a regional project in Bourgogne Franche Comté (France) to network ordinary pioneers of the ecological transition.
Leading the way, sharing experiences and meeting new people!

In her personal life, Béatrice is involved in the municipal council of her small village as well as an associative cafe called "Chez la p'tite Suzanne" a nice place for transitions.
She likes being in the nature, hiking and spending good time with family an friends.

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