Nicolas Raimondi

Policy and project management

Nicolas speaks ENGLISH, FRENCH

Nicolas has always worked to connect local and global issues. Since his years at the University, he has been active in citizen’s engagement and in mobilizations for climate action and social justice. Nicolas worked for more than seven years for the Brussels-Capital Region, first as a Belgian representative to the international climate negotiations and then as a climate and energy advisor to the Brussels Government. He coordinated the adoption of the new Energy and Climate Plan, worked on the regional climate governance, and chaired the National Climate Commission (BE). Nicolas was also active with other Belgian entities to deliver on the FitFor55 package.

At Energy Cities, Nicolas is a policy and project manager working on heat decarbonization. He works to ensure that both the local and European level are implementing solutions to meet our collective climate neutrality goal. The recipe for the energy transition is thrilling: a lot of innovation with a sense of collective action. Nicolas connects cities and stakeholders to boost the implementation of projects and advocates for a European supportive framework.
Nicolas Raimondi


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