Sofia Corsi

Project Management & Business Development

Sofia speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish

Sofia joined Energy Cities in June 2021 with the double role of Project Manager and Business Developer. As a Project Manager, she implements projects on urban sustainable energy management, smart cities, and citizen participation. As a Business Developer she supports the establishment of new partnerships and the development of new projects.

Sofia has a strong networking and partnership-building background. Previously, she worked in Colombia for 4 years on post-conflict and peace-education projects (2013-2017) and spent the following 4 at ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy.

Since November 2020, she has been the 1st Chairperson at MitOst e.V., a German non-profit focusing on strengthening civil society by fostering cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighboring regions.

Sofia believes that change needs to start at the local level. She is a Europe lover with a volcanic personality. She enjoys making things happen, namely ideas, dreams, connecting people, and helping others. She loves to cook and dancing lindy hop.

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