Colours and science to raise environmental awareness in Bielsko-Biala!

The Beskids Good Energy Festival took place June 9 in Energy Cities’ Polish member city Bielsko-Biala. It was the 7th edition of a very popular and recreative festival on energy, environmental and climate protection.

Demonstrations of physical and chemical experiments, fantastic vegetable and fruit sculptures, bricklaying a good energy city, the demolition of old computers for parts, or controlling LEGO robots, fun with a bike-power station or electric labyrinth in the Interaction Park – are just a few of the attractions which were available under the festival tent.

700 colourful biodegradable balloons were released by cheerful pre-schoolers over this city located in the South of Poland. All of them had been involved in this year’s edition of the “Respect Energy, Protect the Climate” competition and were rewarded for their efforts during the festival.

The segment for residents, their families and friends also turned out exceptionally well.

This year, in addition to the traditional city game “Control the Energy“, in which Bielsko families rival with each other in knowledge and physical fitness, there was also a family competition on the subject of knowledge about low-energy construction entitled “House that Brings Joy”. The winners will spend a summer week in energy-saving apartments at the Baltic Seaside, funded by the owner and manufacturer of low-energy wood houses Gamebo-dom and Drew-Inwest.

Besides artistic shows and sports activities, visitors had the chance to check out the newest dustcart made by SUEZ S.A., see the model of the Waste Management Plant, sign up for a visit to the Bielsko-Biała thermal power plant at the Tauron Ciepło booth and become familiar with an electric “500” – a prototype car assembled in Bielsko-Biała’s Bosmal. OxyTree – an oxygen tree, a model of a 4kWp home solar power plant and a model of a low-energy wooden house were presented at the park. In the evening, those interested could see how to economically and ecologically use good quality coal to heat a house, burning it without smoke – thanks to the creators of
The Silesian anti-smog resolution, which comes into force on 1 September, was reflected in a leaflet which had been specially prepared by the organizer of the festival, the Energy Management Office, entitled: “There’s a method for smog”. The event went exceptionally well. Around 3000-4000 participants visited the festival.

The event was cheerful, interesting, instructive and delicious. 
Visit the website waiting for the next year for the 8th edition of the Beskids Good Energy Festival.

Bielsko-Biała has been an Energy Cities member for 20 years and was an active member of its Board of Directors.
“Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate” initiative is based on the Energy Cities European ENGAGE campaign.
See all Bielsko-Biala’s actions in our database of good practices.

Text prepared by Katarzyna Kordas, the Energy Management Office of the City Hall of Bielsko-Biała, Poland 

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Blandine Pidoux

Publication date

July 24, 2017