Energy Renovation Match-making Forum in Paris

A Match-making Forum on energy retrofitting was held on 27 February in Paris as part of the ACE-Retrofitting project. Here are some highlights of this main event for co-owners and professionals of the energy renovation sector.

The Forum allowed over 420 visitors to find information, meet experts, attend conferences on energy renovation in condominiums.

Key figures of the Forum

  • 40 stands
  • 420 participants
  • 93 % of visitors would recommend the Forum to their peers
  • 86 % found the information they were looking for.

A one-of-a-kind event

With almost 47,000 condominiums in Paris, energy renovation is a major issue to be tackled to achieve the vision of a climate-neutral Paris by 2050. To boost the process in the area and to ensure synergy between supply and demand, the Paris Climate Agency (APC) has been organising this kind of event for 5 years. This is a meeting place for individuals, condominiums managing structures and professionals to co-develop projects.

Co-owners could find information to manage their project from A to Z: from preparation of the audit together with audit offices, architects and consumers associations, to actual works with companies from the building sector, not to forget financing with banks and financial experts.

Officers from the APC also took part in the event to provide objective and independent advice and introduce CoachCopro®, a free online tool which is the entry point to the ’Let’s energy-renovate Paris” programme (“Eco-rénovons Paris”).

ACE-Retrofitting is an Interreg North-West Europe project aimed at accelerating energy renovation in condominiums/multi-appartment dwellings.
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Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

March 28, 2018