Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting

43% of the European population lives in condominiums/multi-occupancy apartment blocks, which are primarily of low energy performance. How can cities accelerate the energy retrofitting of these buildings?

Objectives of the ACE-Retrofitting project

  • Support the “demand side”: owners and condominium managing structures
    Home owners often lack basic information about energy retrofitting and face a complex collective decision-making process. An owners and condominium managing structures toolkit will be developed to empower this target group, on both technical and social sides of the retrofitting project.
  • Federate the “supply side”: building professionals
    As the retrofitting of entire condominium blocks involves a range of professions and skills, the private sector needs to work together to provide high quality and economically viable works. An operational coaching framework will be developed to improve the building professionals’ capacity to renovate condominiums.
  • Link the demand and supply sides in a common new governance model facilitated by cities
    Cities are the key facilitators and drivers within a territory. Linking the demand and supply sides is crucial to result in the successful energy retrofitting of condominiums. CoachCopro, a collaborative approach developed by the Agence Parisienne du Climat, is central to this strategy and will be improved and adapted for use in other territories. This unique facilitation approach with its central shared web platform for information and project management, guides condominium owners and building professionals through an iterative process which cultivates trust relationships and accelerates retrofitting activity. Throughout each stage of the process, stakeholders are able to communicate with people who can offer them the necessary advice or guidance. The CoachCopro approach will be upgraded and adapted to other national contexts so that it can be used by other local authorities in Europe.

What is Energy Cities doing in ACE-Retrofitting?

Energy Cities coordinates the project, leads the communication and dissemination activities of the project. Energy Cities also co-organises study tours in the partner cities and will launch a roll-out campaign for the replication of the governance model developed within the project in other European cities.

Energy renovation of buildings in the French recovery plan

An opportunity to be seized and pitfalls to be avoided

While proposals for France’s recovery plans abound, the challenge now is to identify the most effective levers for combining economic recovery with scaling-up of highly performant deep retrofits, which is a prerequisite for moving onto a convergent path with France's national low-carbon strategy.

Condominiums require recognition in the Renovation Wave

Policy recommendations for a better support of multi-apartment house renovations

With their shared envelope and multiple occupants and owners, deep retrofit of condominiums presents particular challenges. These require recognition in policy at the EU and national level in order to develop the ‘enabling environment’ required to accelerate deep retrofit.

Condominium retrofits are a matter of a long breath

Take-aways from the digital conference

For a long time, and until now, they have been considered the black sheep: multi-flat buildings. As working with condominiums is very complicated for a number […]

Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting

The Ecoreno’v advisory service

Greater Lyon, gathering 59 municipalities, has developed a comprehensive large scale energy retrofitting programme. Based on strong and trustful collaboration between complementary public institutions and […]

Accelerating Condominium Energy Retrofitting

CoachCopro, the approach developed by the Paris Climate Agency

Paris Climate Agency (PCA) is a non-for-profit organisation created with the support of the city of Paris. With a neutral position, its mission is to […]

Boosting energy retrofits in condominiums

Boosting energy retrofits in condominiums

Approaches for local authorities to facilitate change

Through this guide, partners from the EU-funded ACE Retrofitting project share their learnings on how to act as facilitators between co-owners in condominiums and building experts when it comes to energy retrofits.