New Energy Cities INFO magazine: “Please disturb!”

A series of small revolutions in the making are disrupting – or, rather, to use the guiding keyword of the latest edition of our Energy Cities INFO magazine – “disturbing” the world energy order.

“As we, cities, embrace this exercise, we ought to disturb our own comfort zones, and encourage citizens and other local actors to join the challenge. Let’s disturb entrenched habits of working within silos and hermetic departments. Invite residents to knock on the planning door and join the discussion table. Invite them to disturb their own routine by engaging in city life and becoming architects of their future. Disturb their neighbors to join a shared energy project, start an urban gardening initiative together or use the same ride to commute to work.”
Eckart Würzner, Mayor of Heidelberg and President of Energy Cities

In our magazine we have tried to imagine and give shape to all these “little disturbances”. They need to be embedded in a broad and bold integrated strategy, like illustrated in the pieces about Stuttgart, Lisbon or Greater Geneva.

Besides expert interviews, city voices and philosphical thoughts, you will find the three focus articles:

  • Germany’s Energiewende: A grassroots movement that became national policy p.4
  • Smart Cities: Are they smart enough? p.10
  • Financing the energy renovation of buildings p.12

All members of our networked will receive the print edition via post on their desk. 
Should this not be your case, you can read the magazine online.

Enjoy the read!


Publication date

May 16, 2017