Biogas co-generation in a greenhouse complex

Well-being born of a Smart City

To face the challenges posed by increasing urbanization, the Métropole de Lyon (1.3 million people) has created an ambitious, innovative Smart City program to support and streamline the changes the city must make while ensuring better quality of life for Lyon residents. This initiative helps key economic and innovation entities foster the growth and reinvention of economic growth sectors.

The program, buoyed by the involvement of a hundred community-supported private and public partners, encompasses some forty projects focusing on the themes of new mobility, digital services, energies-smart grids, water management, and optimal conditions for innovation. With the city serving as a living lab, the Métropole de Lyon encourages and supports innovation-centered projects (technological, use-oriented, organizational, economic) that generate lasting value for the area while enhancing citizen well-being.

The program foundations

  • The local populations as the core of the strategy, benefitting directly from the program’s concrete projects;
  • a comprehensive approach uniting all the city’s realms of expertise (urban, social, economic, transportation, environment) and embodying its vision for the territory;
  • a collaborative project involving a variety of regional public and private entities: businesses, citizens, academic and institutional partners, and more;
  • experimentation as a foundation of the innovation process. These experiments, performed under real-life conditions, make it possible to trial through actual use, test innovative solutions, and build new business models.

Adopting new technologies to create a new urban experience

Technology, digital, and data are what fuel all our Smart City projects. The Métropole de Lyon is founded on the belief that new technologies can reinvent the urban experience and create new ways of experiencing and living in the city. By making people and innovation central to our Smart City practices, the Métropole de Lyon is founded on everyone’s ability to become a local actor and provides the tools needed to discover, invent, suggest, test, and develop innovative solutions.

A leading-edge strategy

Since January 1, 2015, the Métropole de Lyon has been embracing new capacities and facilities. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities, health, employment, social inclusion, education, culture, and sports and recreation have become a part of the Smart City commitment. This expanded scope of action makes it possible to form synergies between the social and solidarity realms, urban issues and economics, making it clearer than ever that citizens have a leading role in this effort. Lyon is pursuing an approach firmly rooted in partnerships, relying on close public/private collaboration. With projects that are both efficient and effective, with innovation that truly serves the population, today’s Lyon is a veritable playground for growing and living intelligently and harmoniously.


The new Urban Experimentation site celebrates its first anniversary

The TUBÀ, which opened in November 2014 in the midst of the Lyon Part-Dieu district, is a unique testing ground for urban service uses that call upon or generate public and private digital data. It fosters innovation, incubation, and development of innovative projects for better city living in the future.

Citizens made central to the city’s production system

At the TUBÀ, the city’s citizens are an essential link in the creative process and are a key thread in the very fabric of the city. Feedback on product and service tests, along with their expressed requirements and desires, means that the new services being designed are tailored to user needs.

Data: the TUBÀ’s raw material

Every day, increasing amounts of data are produced. Mastering, processing, and translating these data form a formidable catalyst for growth. Creation of the TUBÀ is meeting this challenge by integrating the Métropole de Lyon’s innovative strategy on data: OpenData, user licenses, networking local actors, mixing public data from the data platform and private data from major groups – everything possible is done to nourish this promising ecosystem.

TUBÀ: agility that benefits the region

The TUBÀ is about agility. It is the perfect place to innovate, brainstorm, create, and co-design innovative products. Being centered on services to citizens, it provides a platform for exploring and testing product or service prototypes with and for urban users.

TUBÀ: partners committed to building the city of tomorrow

The TUBÀ supports its public and private partners working on designing and testing of the city of tomorrow. Brainstorming, dialogue, and the cross-pollination of skills and expertise between startups, SMEs, companies, major groups, institutions, and experts make it possible to combine, identify, and develop new urban services.

Philippe Lagrange, Président of the TUBÀ Deputy Director, General Management, Veolia France

“In the face of digital, economic, and societal challenges, we must explore collaborative forms of innovation in which startups and SMEs contribute new services, and large enterprises to help them expand and export abroad. Veolia has already had the opportunity to test new ideas, develop applications, and trial new services at the TUBÀ, such as a service that helps control water, gas, and electricity costs in social housing. In partnership with Bouygues Immobilier and Sopra-Steria, we’ll also be supporting and fast-tracking startups as they create new products and services for improving residents’ well-being. These are truly collaborative innovations!”
TUBÀ is 1 year old!

– Opened in November 2014
– 765 visitors to the Lab
– 35 events created
– 56 delegation and company tours
– 53 startup meetings
– 978 members in the TUBÀcommunity
– 25 public and private partners involved in projects