Malin Lauber

Mayor - Växjö, Sweden




“My name is Malin and I’m a mother of two grown-up children, mother of a small mixed breed dog, time optimist, feminist and afraid of wild boar. I call an apartment in central Växjö my home.

Previously I worked in a shop, in health care, at a preschool, a treatment centre and most recently in adult education for several years. The experience gained from a varied working life enriches my political work.

I became politically involved because I want to help shape a society where everyone has the opportunity to travel well through life. Real freedom requires equality and that is why I am a social democrat.

By strengthening people’s trust in welfare, we can build a stronger society that holds together. That welfare delivers what it promises and is there when you need it is something everyone has the right to expect.”

Source: [translated from Swedish by]