Energy Cities Conference 2019 : Save the date and get inspired!

Join us in Heidelberg for next year’s major event and discover the ICCA 2019, the International Conference on Climate Action!

Save the date now: 22-24 May2019

In 2019, Eckart Würzner, invites all Energy Cities Members to join not only ICCA, but also our Annual Conference in Heidelberg.

Every year, our Annual Conference provides a dynamic and positive atmosphere and hence offers you the possibility to connect with partners for fruitful discussions and innovative ideas to shape your cities. In 2019, this spirit of discovery will be enhanced by ICCA, the International Conference on Climate Action, which will fuel your inspiration and impulsion through a diverse set of participants and the insights from actors beyond the EU.

People engaged to take action on climate change are often meeting at different occasions, different summits, but they rarely have the opportunity to speak to each other beyond their networks. At ICCA, each Board member of all city networks is invited to join a debate with the objectives to jointly draw a roadmap of actions for the next years.

Addressing vertical integration for climate action to boost coordinated and integrated climate action across all levels and sectors of government, our next conference aims at identifying the levers that matter in key sectors and the solutions that make a difference. With topics reaching from smart cities, renewable energy, mobility , urban infrastructures to the just transition, we are sure there will be food for everyone´s thoughts.

Are you interested in meeting like-minded actors that are taking action to tackle climate change and catalyse the local energy transition? Then seize the opportunity and get inspired by a fresh impetus from people of all over the world and join Energy Cities’ community in Heidelberg! 
During 3 days, we want to encourage you to engage in a dialogue and discuss about the interfaces of climate change as a glocal challenge, i.e. a global problem that needs to be solved on the local level and hence strongly depends on a multi-level, but also a multi-actor transition.

Don´t miss out on this exceptional opportunity!

For more information, check out our conference website and get a glimpse of the highlights from our last edition, which was held in 2018 in Rennes (France).


Publication date

December 13, 2018