Energy Cities’ photo contest: Discover Brussels’ new urban artwork!

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, Energy Cities organised a photo contest in the beginning of the year. Brussels (Belgium), Heerlen (the Netherlands) and Bistrita (Romania) were awarded for their creative, energetic pictures!

The city of Brussels won the 1st prize: an urban art mural by the Argentinian artist Elian. The artist completed his work beginning of October, in the framework of the Nuit Blanche, an event which aims at allowing people to discover Brussels “under a different light”.

Elian spent five days working on the mural with an assistant.

And here is the result!

The wall is located on Ophem street (rue d’Ophem), 41.

The artist explains that this artwork is about “the importance of the architectural shapes in Brussels” and that the idea was to express the contrast between tradition and modernity.

© photos Elian and Ville de Bruxelles


Publication date

October 12, 2015