EUSEW 2024 – Geothermal now: bridging policy, industry, and science for a European geothermal energy strategy



The 13 June 2024 from 14:00 until 15:30



Following the European Parliament’s resolution for a European geothermal energy strategy, representatives of the European Commission, Member States, industry, research institutes and civil society will discuss the challenges, benefits and opportunities for the mass deployment of geothermal to achieve EU climate goals. The challenges to be addressed are: structures to share national actions to increase geothermal investments; effective implementation of newly agreed permitting rules; uptake of innovative business models; skilling the workforce.

The opening section will tackle political issues starting with the main elements of a European geothermal strategy, proposed by the European Parliament’s resolution, which was agreed in January 2024. This will be complemented by the views of DG Energy, which set a target to triple geothermal capacity by 2030 and recently revised regulations for renewable energy and energy efficiency to this effect.

The second section will incorporate the needs of project developers and manufacturers as well as civil society, and will also showcase how recent pan-European scientific initiatives can support and inform policy decision-making to accelerate and increase the share of geothermal in the green transition.