230 million, 233,000, 23%… 2018 key figures of the Covenant of Mayors in Europe!

Europe's major city-backed energy and climate initiative keeps growing

In a constantly evolving policy context, the Covenant of Mayors Community has been achieving great results.

Supported by the Covenant of Mayors Office with capacity-building events and materials, tailored information, international visibility, the Covenant of Mayors Community has been acheiving great results. 2018 was full of challenges, and successes! We’re ready to go even further in 2019!

There are now 8,800+ local governments in the Covenant of Mayors movement in Europe, willing and able to improve the lives of over 230 million citizens.

They have already reached an average 23% reduction in CO2 emissions and reported over 233,000 mitigation and adaptation actions.

“Covenant of Mayors – Europe: 2018 in review” provides a 2018 picture of the movement. Would you be interested to learn more, take a look at the Covenant of Mayors 2018 Annual Report! You will find both documents in the Covenant online library.

Energy Cities has been leading the Covenant of Mayors – Europe Office since the creation of the movement in 2008.


Publication date

January 11, 2019