Hasta la transición! Una transizione per favore!

Energy Cities’ Proposals for the energy transition of cities and towns are now available in Spanish and Italian.

30 propuestas de Energy Cities para la transición energética de ciudades grandes y pequeñas

30 proposte di Energy Cities per la transizione energetica nelle città

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Energy Cities’ main publication, based on over a hundred local best practices, provides inspiration to think and act differently.

12 versions available (see here)
English (en)
français / French (fr)
中国语文 / Chinese (cn)
čeština / Czech (cs)
Deutsh / German (de)
español /Spanish (es)
hrvatski / Croatian (hr)
polski / Polish (pl)
Русский / Russian (ru)
Türkçe / Turkish (tr)
українська мова / Ukrainian (ua)

And visit our best-practice database to get an idea of how these proposals are implemented by cities!



Publication date

January 31, 2017