Horizon 2020 and Smart Cities: Our recommendations for the work-programme 2018-2020

The EU Horizon 2020 programme and the Smart Cities & Communities initiative have been two important funding instruments for local energy and climate action in the past years. As the EU Commission is preparing its work-programme for the funding period 2018-2020, Energy Cities provides key recommendations to enable Horizon 2020 and Smart Cities & Communities to better support local and regional authorities in their energy transition.

The mid-term review of the EU’s Multi-Annual Financial Framework at the end of 2016 has resulted in an additional €400 million for the Horizon 2020 programme and the Smart Cities & Communities (SCC) initiative in the coming three years. This is a positive development that can enable to further support the locally driven energy transition.

For Energy Cities, the Horizon 2020 and SCC work-programmes in 2018-2020 should rely on the following cornerstones to make the most effective use of these additional funds:

  1. Introduce new Horizon 2020 thematic priorities:“Territorial Governance”, “Transition Management” & “Linking Climate Mitigation & Adaptation”
  2. Increase funding support for local and regional authorities to develop innovative, collaborative financing schemes by strengthening and extending the axis “Innovative Financing for Energy Efficiency Investments”
  3. Expand axes on engaging consumers & public authorities through new innovative calls on ”Transition storytelling” and “local Energy Unions”
  4. Introduce blockchain in cities, smart urban solar and smart urban energy storage as calls in ICT for Energy Efficiency and the Low-Carbon Economy Priorities
  5. Simplify the H2020 application approach & provide more dedicated support for applicants
  6. Smart Cities & Communities: stronger focus on collaboration within the city administration and between the Smart City Projects
  7. Support creation of ‘Smart City Agencies’ in Europe’s cities

For more information, read our full briefing on the Horizon 2020 and SCC 2018-2020 work-programmes here.

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David Donnerer

Publication date

May 17, 2017