In Spain, the cities of Murcia and Rivas Vaciamadrid are looking into energy efficiency to improve quality of life



Floriane Cappelletti

Publication date

January 13, 2023

The Spanish industry is a world leader in the construction and transport infrastructure, and not far behind when it comes to energy efficiency.

ESCAN Energy Consulting focuses their work on the overall definition of the Smart Energy Performance Contracting concept and the preparation of standardised documentation for tenders and contracts is, also supporting the pilot cities of Murcia and Rivas Vaciamadrid in the preparation of their tendering process.

ESCAN has been providing advice to public authorities and private companies for more than 35 years. In the Smart EPC project, the consultancy brings strong skills in energy efficiency studies and audits, energy performance contracts, energy management, energy plans and support to efficient streetlight projects, building and industry energy efficiency, distributed generation, smart grids, energy communities, financing support and business models, as well as its experience with EU-funded projects (many related to the topic, such as Streetlight-EPC and Transparense).

Murcia area – photo from Pixabay

Murcia is the capital of the Murcia region, the 7th largest city in Spain (882 km2) with a service-based economy. The objective of the municipality, in collaboration with the local energy agency (ALEM), is to improve street lighting performance with a holistic approach.

The annual consumption of lighting is about 40,700,000 kWh, the existing luminaires are high pressure sodium lightbulbs.

The municipality has defined 5 lighting zones for public lighting reconstruction and the integration of additional services.

Rivas is a recent city of 67.4 km2 which has experienced a very fast urban development over the last thirty years (from 652 inhabitants in 1981 to 97,460 inhabitants in 2022). The innovative spirit marks the development of the municipality to build a new model of economic progress to improve the well-being of its citizens and the productivity of the city.

Rivas’ annual consumption of lighting reaches 2,500,000 kWh. Their UVAX solution integrates streetlighting management, control, regulation, and all smart city solutions using the electric power network into a single platform.

In the Smart EPC project, they are considering integrating the lighting system throughout the municipality with additional services, focusing on electric vehicles charging stations and surveillance system, movement sensors, wi-fi services.

What’s next?

2023 will start with the municipalities of Murcia and Rivas Vaciamadrid, defining their specific requirements as pilot cities. Their requirements will be analysed and gaps will be identified related to their application in Smart EPC concepts and standardised documentation.

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