Chilling for the climate – Mantova’s plan to give nature back to citizens

Interview with Adriana Nepote

Adriana Nepote



Adriana Nepote


City Councillor




Mantova, Italy


Mantova, West of Venice, is a beautiful city with a UNESCO protected core. Unfortunately, it is also surrounded by three artificial lakes that suffer from last century pollution. But the local administration is determined to give nature back to citizens both in and around the city centre. The city even already hosted the World Forum on Urban Forests!

In Mantova, the journey to carbon neutrality started with joining the Covenant of Mayors in 2013. For this episode I had a conversation with Adriana Nepote who is City Councillor in Mantova. In those past 10 years, much urban reactivation has happened notably through nature-based solutions and a series of very complementary actions. Adriana explains how to be visionary in a place marked by its past. How to make sure citizens see the big picture and the happier and healthier future that is being designed for them?

The EUCityCalc project supports cities in data-driven decision-making: With funding from the EU Horizon 2020 program, the project will release the European City Calculator webtool. This is an open-source instrument with which cities can plan their measures to bring CO2 emissions down to zero.