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The Energy Cities Hubs are our community spaces to activate, empower and inspire local leaders towards a climate-neutral Europe

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22 May

What’s EUp ? Recent EU legislation update on buildings decarbonisation

The clock is ticking before the next European elections and the first quarter of 2024 was an incredibly busy period for the European institutions…and for […]

27 May - 29 May

Funding opportunities: Matchmaking sessions

For our members only: submit your project idea and meet potential partners.

03 Jun

EU Green Deal 5 years later: where do we stand?

In 2019, the European Commission launched its flagship initiative, the European Green Deal, to make the EU the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 and transform […]

04 Jun

Espresso live class: Renewables public purchase agreements

Live class to learn more about how public buyers can use PPAs for renewable energy

05 Jun - 06 Jun

Av. Mélina Mercouri 9, 7000 Mons, Wallonia, Belgium

No net land take trajectories: policies and practices across Europe

Join us for the ESPON Seminar on “No Net Land Take trajectories: policies and practices across Europe”, an event specifically dedicated to addressing topical policy debates surrounding […]

10 Jun

Atelier29, Rue Jacques de Lalaing, Brussels, Belgium

The EUCityCalc EU Level Training

On 10 June, experience the European City Calculator in person in Brussels Are you involved in your city’s climate transition? Join the EUCityCalc EU Level […]

11 Jun

Brussels Info Place (BIP), Rue Royale 2/4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

1st EU Peers Summit: the European Community for Integrated Home Renovation Services

The European Union has an objective of achieving a zero-emission building stock by 2050. Such a target is realistic only if, from now on, we […]

11 Jun

European Commission Charlemagne building (CHAR), Rue de la Loi, Brussels, Belgium

EUSEW 2024 – Debate with Ambassadors

A dynamic exchange between EUSEW Digital Ambassadors from different sectors will be a chance for them to share priorities and hear one another’s insights.

EUSEW 2024 – Exploring the heat map: inspiring approaches to sustainable urban heat planning

The recast Energy Efficiency Directive requires cities with over 45.000 inhabitants to develop local heating and cooling plans. Member states play a crucial role in […]

EUSEW 2024 – Collaboration versus competition: promoting a faster, just, and clean energy transition

The objective of the panel is to discuss the pivotal role of local renewable energy initiatives in contributing to net zero solutions fostering a just and faster energy transition.

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25 newly chosen pilot cities participating in the EU Cities Mission

25 newly chosen pilot cities participating in the EU Cities Mission

These cities set to receive further EU support for innovative climate projects


25 cities committed to become climate neutral as part of the EU Cities Mission are on course to receive further EU support for ambitious climate-related […]
“Europe is poor and the transition is very expensive”: oh, really?


The battle for the post-2027 European budget has begun. The pawns are being moved across the chessboard, and the campaign for the European elections provides […]
Inclusive power: Changing how we think about cities and energy access


Some say the energy transition is a great opportunity to create a more equal society. Others are more pessimistic and predict that the transition will […]
Grafting Cities 2024: Unveiling local transformations

Grafting Cities 2024: Unveiling local transformations

Register for this year's conference and explore cities that are unlocking their full potential through the art of grafting!


Find out more about key moments not to miss.
Energy Cities joins new Cool Heating Coalition

Energy Cities joins new Cool Heating Coalition

Energy Cities joins forces to make sustainable, renewable, and affordable heating and cooling a reality across the EU. 


Decarbonising heating and cooling is an essential part of the transition to a low-carbon built environment. Yet according to Eurostat data, in 2021 renewables made […]