City of Epernay

Epernay is a commune in the Marne department in northern France. Épernay is located some 130 km north-east of Paris on the main line of the Eastern railway to Strasbourg. The town sits on the left bank of the Marne at the extremity of the Cubry valley which crosses it.

Epernay is a sub-prefecture of the department and seat of an arrondissement.

Epernay is the first community in Champagne-Ardenne to have initiated, in 2008, an Agenda 21. 
Officially launched in February 2010, it was recognized by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, as “Calendar 21 local France “in early 2011. It included 116 actions, divided into four main themes: developing regional attractiveness; improve the quality of life; ensure social cohesion and citizenship; be an exemplary community. 
End of 2012, 85% of these shares were made or incurred.

Among the actions carried out, may be cited the application for registration of the “Landscapes of Champagne” at the UNESCO World Heritage, the construction of the House of Arts and Associations, the development of integration structures in the viticulture, conducting an aerial thermography public and private architectural heritage of the territory, the establishment of a pedestrian policy, opening the social groceries, installing a monitoring station SFX the air quality and the creation of a Youth Commission.

Sources : Wikipedia, Epernay official website


City of Epernay is a member of Energy Cities since 2015


27 000 Inhabitants