City of Frankfurt-am-Main

Frankfurt am Main has a long tradition of controlling energy use and cutting CO2 emissions which started in the 1990’s with the objective of reaching “-40%” by 2025. “Energie Referat” (the local energy agency) and the city’s town planning department are working in close collaboration with investors and other municipal departments to achieve this target. Their goal is to design the best energy plans for all urban construction or rehabilitation projects, such as connecting buildings to the 3 existing main heating networks or the creation of small-scale CHP networks.

Frankfurt 2030+ is the Integrated Urban Development Concept setting the local framework for the coming years. It defines six goals and development strategies:

  • Frankfurt for everyone,
  • Dynamic business metropolis,
  • More Frankfurt,
  • Environmental and climate-friendly Frankfurt,
  • The region is the city,
  • Urban development as a joint task.

Energy and climate issues are an integral part of the urban development concept. Nevertheless, a number of strategic development topics have dedicated independent “masterplans”that are part of the overall urban development concept. Energy and climate issues are directly addressed through the “Masterplan 100% Climate Protection”.


City of Frankfurt-am-Main is a member of Energy Cities since 2000


724 486 Inhabitants

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