City of Ivanić-Grad

Ivanić-Grad or Ivanić Grad is a town in Zagreb County, Croatia. It is part of Moslavina.

The area of ​​the City of Ivanić Grad as a local government area consists of 22 settlements: Caginec, Deanovec, Derežani, Donji Šarampov, Graberje Ivanićko, Greda Breška, Ivanić Grad, Jalševec Breški, Lepšić, Left Dubrovnik, Opatinec, Posavski Bregi, Prečno, Prerovec , Prkos Ivanićki, Tarno, Topolje, Trebovec, Šemovec Breški, Šumečani, Zaklepica and Zelina Breška.

The city of Ivanić Grad covers an orientation area of ​​an average length in the north-south direction of about 25.5 km, and the average width in the east-west direction of 12.0 km (middle part), to max. 21.0 km (north part). The total area is 173.57 km2 (17.357 ha).

According to its spatial position within the boundaries of the Zagreb County, the City of Ivanić Grad occupies the area of ​​its southeastern part, bordering the Sisak-Moslavina County on its southern edge, and the smaller part of the northeastern border is encircled with the Bjelovar-Bilogora County. 

The City of Ivanić Grad is located at the river Lonja in Moslavina, 103 meters above sea level, along the main road (D-4) Zagreb-Lipovovac, state road (D-43) Bjelovar-Ivanić Grad, and regional road and railway Zagreb – Vinkovci.

Source : Wikipedia, Ivanić-Grad official website


City of Ivanić-Grad is a member of Energy Cities since 2008


16 500 Inhabitants

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