City of Karlovac

Located in central Croatia in the vicinity of the lowland and mountainous Croatia and Pokupja and Korduna, Karlovac is framed by rivers Kup, Korana, Dobro and Mrežnica. Considering that it is located in the smallest part of Croatia, only 50 kilometers away from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Karlovac has important traffic and economic significance.

The city of Karlovac is one of the few towns that know the exact date of its creation, July 13, 1579, and was named after its founder by the emperor Charles Habsburg. It is also the beginning of the construction of the Karlovac military wing of the Karlovac for counterattack defense. Every year, on July 13, is celebrated the Day of the City of Karlovac, which was held with birthday ball at Ban Josip Jelačić Square, and the City Council’s solemn session and public acknowledgment. The patron saint of St. Joseph is celebrated on March 19th and the central ceremony is held in the church of St. Josipa on Dubovac – National Shrine.


Karlovac is the ideal city of Zvijezda – a meeting town based on high economic and social values.


The city of Karlovac will create conditions for the development of a strong and stable economy by 2020 and social responsibility based on the principles of sustainable development and energy efficiency.

Source : Karlova official website


City of Karlovac is a member of Energy Cities since 2017


55 705 Inhabitants