City of Martigny

Martigny is the capital of the district of Martigny in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. It lies at an elevation of 471 meters (1,545 ft), and its population is approximately 15000 inhabitants (Martignerains or “Octoduriens”). It is a junction of roads joining Italy, France and Switzerland. One road links it over the Great St. Bernard Pass to Aosta (Italy), and the other over the col de la Forclaz to Chamonix (France).

This part of the Alps, where Martigny is located, produces most of Switzerland’s hydroelectric power, which is why industries which are heavy consumers of electricity have set up here. It is also a summer and winter resort that attracts a lot of tourists all year round and enjoys good accommodation facilities.

Source : Wikipedia, Energy Cities


City of Martigny is a member of Energy Cities since 1995


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