City of Skopje

As the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje is faced with major social and environmental challenges. These challenges have led it to embark upon an energy and urban transition. With the aim of improving quality of life for 500,000 Skopjans, the city is testing innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.   

Leveraging the collective to tackle major challenges

Skopje has been a member of Energy Cities since 2010, and is involved in European initiatives to achieve its medium- and long-term goals. It is cooperating as an observing member in the MatchUp project for the development of European smart cities.

Through its municipal energy company, GES Skopje, the city is also participating in the Power Up! project, devised and coordinated by Energy Cities. In order to fight energy poverty among its citizens, the city will implement a local and renewable supply. 

Taking sustainable action with citizens

Skopje collaborates with the various players on a European scale, such as with the cities of Dresde and Nuremberg, as well as on a local scale, through educational or cultural projects. With the ROCK initiative, the capital hopes to revitalise its historical centre and make it a creative and sustainable part of town for all generations. 

At the same time, the city wishes to improve its public transport system for the health of all its inhabitants. By making it more accessible, the city intends to reduce traffic and urban pollution.

Following the completion of its Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), implemented within the framework of the Convention of Mayors – Europe, Skopje reiterates its commitment with a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP).  

Source: Republic of North Macedonia (official website); Interview on 06/05/2021 with L. Markik (Head of International Cooperation), S. Bogeva (Innovation specialist, SmartUp – coordinator of Social Innovation Lab), S. Basmadzieva Zezelj (Mayor’s Support Department), I. Ivanov (head of dept for energy efficiency), conducted by Kinga Kovacs. 


City of Skopje is a member of Energy Cities since 2007

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