City of Sonderborg

The goal for the Sonderborg area is to become carbon neutral by 2029. ProjectZero is the vision of turning the Sonderborg area into a CO2 neutral area not later than 2029. For this purpose the Master Plan 2029 has been prepared where the overall frames of the process have been defined. The gradual implementation of the Master Plan 2029 results in a number of individual Roadmaps.

The Master Plan 2029 data basis mainly originates from six task groups, and a demography and projection group. In parallel, Sonderborg Municipality, the local district heating plants and Rambøll have prepared a heating plan motion for the Sonderborg area that was in 2009. When the Master Plan 2029 report was finalized, the motion had not yet been heard by the city council. The finally approved heating plan will be designated ”Varmeplan Sonderborg” (Heating plan Sonderborg).

Several larger companies along with private households have installed PV panels to cover their own electricity consumption, selling any surplus production to the grid.


City of Sonderborg is a member of Energy Cities since 2015


76 000 Inhabitants