City of Tampere

Tampere is a city in Pirkanmaa, southern Finland. It is the most populous inland city in the Nordic countries.

Tampere has a population of 235,615 with the urban area holding 334,112 people and the metropolitan area, also known as the Tampere sub-region, holding 385,301 inhabitants in an area of 4,970 km2. Tampere is the second-largest urban area and third most-populous individual municipality in Finland, after the cities of Helsinki and Espoo. It’s also the most populous Finnish city outside the Greater Helsinki area and a major urban, economic, and cultural hub for central Finland.

Tampere is wedged between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. Since the two lakes differ in level by 18 metres (59 ft), the rapids linking them, Tammerkoski, have been an important power source throughout history, most recently for generating electricity. Tampere is dubbed the “Manchester of Finland” for its industrial past as the former center of Finnish industry.

A city in full economic and demographic expansion, Tampere has chosen to invest in cogeneration, high buildings efficiency standards and integrated data, in order to achieve its 2050 carbon neutrality goals.

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City of Tampere is a member of Energy Cities since 2010


260 000 Inhabitants


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