CODEMA – Local energy agency of Dublin

The European Union required Ireland to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% before 2030. As Dublin’s Energy Agency, Codema is committed to accelerating the local low-carbon transition. Created in 1997, Codema is one of the 14 energy agencies set up in Ireland to help authorities meet their energy performance targets through professional development and the implementation of best practices. 

The organisation believes in promoting a better quality of life for all through a fair and inclusive transition to a low-carbon society. The Energy Agency provides a wide range of energy and climate mitigation services to local and regional authorities and stakeholders. The not-for-profit company launches innovative energy projects to improve energy efficiency and incorporate renewable energy in Europe and locally.

Codema creates innovative energy transition projects

The agency disseminates on-the-ground knowledge and uses its understanding of European best practices to bring innovative energy projects and methods to Ireland. The Energy Planning team worked on an Energy Master Plan for the entire Dublin Region. The document provides evidence-based solutions to reduce the area’s carbon emissions by 2030 and by 2050.

In 2022, the local agency is working on Ireland’s first large-scale district heating network with the City Council and South Dublin County Council. This will supply homes and businesses of the area with low-carbon, renewable heat.

The importance of sharing energy best practices

Codema also improves energy and climate awareness among citizens through public consultations and other tools. The Energy Agency offers a free Home Energy Saving Kit, which is available in all Dublin public libraries. The kit includes a guide and measurement tools to help households reduce their home energy consumption.

Codema also took part in around the four Dublin Local Authorities’ Climate Change Action Plans. Moreover, Codema is working with Dublin Local Authorities to implement Energy Performance Contracting.

Sources: Suzanne Fitzpatrick, communication manager at Codema; official website of Dublin’s energy agency


CODEMA – Local energy agency of Dublin is a member of Energy Cities since 1998


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