CODEMA – Local energy agency of Dublin

Codema is Dublin’s Energy Agency and was set up as a not-for-profit limited company by Dublin City Council in 1997 under the SAVE II Programme of the European Union. It was one of 14 local energy agencies set up around Ireland to help local authorities meet their energy performance targets through professional development and implementation of good and best practice.

Their role is defined around the core function of supporting the local authorities in their own sustainable energy use. A second role is engaging with EU and SEAI funded energy programmes to bring innovation to the Dublin region. A third and increasingly important role is to increase energy awareness among the citizens and energy stakeholders in Dublin. Over the years, these three strands have become increasingly intertwined and integrated into a comprehensive local and regional service for energy and climate change.

Codema’s vision is for Dublin to be powered by clean energy, with zero polluting emissions. Through excellent insulation and efficient energy from renewable sources. Good mobility will be provided by a public transport infrastructure that is independent of fossil fuels. Electricity will be fully decarbonised and any waste heat from industrial processes will be recycled for heating and cooling commercial and residential buildings. 

Codema is committed to working with Dublin’s local authorities on improving the energy efficiency in Dublin in order to reduce the city’s CO2 emissions and achieve the ambitious climate and energy targets known as “20-20-20” targets. These are:

  •  A 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels
  •  Raising the share of EU energy consumption produced from renewable resources to 20%
  •  A 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency
  •  In line with the National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP), we are also committed  to achieving a 33% reduction in the local authorities’ energy use for their own operations. 

Source : Taken from their website


CODEMA – Local energy agency of Dublin is a member of Energy Cities since 1998


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