Cork County Council

Cork County Council became the first Local Authority in Ireland to achieve ISO50001 certification of our Energy Management System (EnMS) in May 2016. This certification covers the entire scope of Cork County Council’s annual €7million energy spend and 41 million kWh of energy consumed each year.

Cork County Council has been implementing an EnMS since 2011 when they signed a partnership agreement with the national authority. This EnMS has proved to be very successful and can be directly attributed to 3.1 million kWh of energy saved and they are on target to achieve their goal of 33% energy efficiency by 2020.

To ensure that energy efficiency will continue to be a priority for the organisation an Energy Policy was signed in September 2015. This Policy sets out the County Council’s commitment to energy efficiency into the future.    

Energy Policy

  • Cork County Council commits to continual improvement to energy performance in line with national targets and legally binding and other requirements.
  • Cork County Council will ensure the promotion of awareness among stakeholders will be made by providing reliable and transparent information regarding Cork County Council’s energy consumption and improvement actions undertaken.
  • Cork County Council will provide the framework for setting and reviewing energy objectives and targets periodically.
  • Cork County Council will commit to providing the necessary resources to achieve the required objectives and targets.
  • Cork County Council is committed to consider the purchase of energy efficient products and services and undertakes to design for energy performance improvement.


Cork County Council is a member of Energy Cities since 1995


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