ENERGAIA – Energy Agency for the South of the Porto Metropolitan Area

Energaia – Energy Agency for the South of the Oporto Metropolitan Area is the competence and knowledge centre for Sustainable Energy and Energy Transition, responsible for the conception, implementation and monitoring of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, in its intervention territory.

Early on, Energaia realised that the intervention in the area of energy would only hold together when integrated in a broader context, such as Sustainability, which sustained the implementation of actions in related areas of environment, urban development, energy, and information and communication technologies. Throughout its existence, Energaia has been providing consulting and advisory services to its associated municipalities, developing projects and studies, promoting training and disseminating best practices.

Through a highly qualified technical staff, and with more than 18 years of uninterrupted activity, Energaia is today one of the oldest energy agencies in Portugal and Europe, and recognized as an example to follow.

Source : ENERGAIA official website


ENERGAIA – Energy Agency for the South of the Porto Metropolitan Area is a member of Energy Cities since 1999


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