City of Oeiras

The Municipality of Oeiras is located in the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, on the north bank of the Tagus River and confines with the Municipalities of Lisbon and Amadora (East), Sintra (North), Cascais (West) and the final term of the Tagus estuary (South).

Oeiras is a member of the Covenant of Mayors since 2009

Oeiras intends to make a strong promotion in energy efficiency near all community partners namely, municipal buildings, private social support entities, municipal technological parks and working with the citizens. Oeiras will base its strategy in the “Portuguese National Plan for Energy Efficiency” (PNAEE) in order to conciliate the Covenant’s goals with the key priorities of Portugal. The County of Oeiras has a problem related to the transport sector, since it has several main access points to the capital, Lisbon, and being Oeiras a highly developed County it has a considerable share of private vehicles operating daily in Oeiras.


City of Oeiras is a member of Energy Cities since 2021


171 658 Inhabitants