PNEC – Polish Network Energie-Cités

The Association of Municipalities Polish Network Energie-Cités (PNEC) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation that has been supporting the energy transition of cities in Poland since 1994. The Association acts towards climate neutrality with a network of over 80 partners from 25 countries working on more than 85 projects. PNEC has been a member of Energy Cities since 1998 and was the first official Polish Supporter of the European Covenant of Mayors. PNEC actively promotes European initiatives and helps Polish cities to achieve their energy and climate goals and obligations.

The energy transition’s support in Poland

PNEC collaborates with various stakeholders across Poland and strongly assists local authorities in improving their energy management and reducing their energy costs. The Polish association helps:

  • shape the local low-carbon and climate neutral economy
  • promote energy efficiency, renewable energy use, mitigation and adaptation measures
  • tackle energy poverty
  • raise awareness on the environment and climate protection in schools.

PNEC elaborates local strategic documents (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, Low-carbon Economy Plans), runs audits for municipal buildings and raises funds to implement energy-related projects. The association spreads European best practices surrounding energy efficiency and management, renewables and innovative technologies through its free communication materials. It also helps its members find partners to cooperate on climate protection.

The energy of an inclusive and collaborative network

Through the years and experience-sharing, PNEC has created a wide network including local authorities and ministries as well as NGOs, universities, and media organisations. It has already organised and participated inover 350 events e.g. the ‘Good Energy’ exhibition (Warsaw, 2011).

To mobilise the network and motivate the exchange of ground knowledge and experiences in the local community, PNEC organises events, such as Energy Days. The association is very keen on taking up new challenges and wishes to exchange with all those who want to counteract climate change.

Source: official PNEC’s website;


PNEC – Polish Network Energie-Cités is a member of Energy Cities since 1998